Coral Spawning

Several times a year, on specific days, we take a few scuba divers out to see something very special called coral spawning. One way that corals reproduce is by releasing eggs and sperm into the water at an uncannily exact time, using the moon phases and the time of sunrise and sunset. Over the past 21 years we have fine tuned our knowledge of the spawning patterns of two species of corals, and are able to take scuba divers out to see this event with some degree of reliability.

The vast majority of coral species spawn at night and there are several places in the world where divers make trips to see that. Of course there are night spawning species in Hawaii, too. But we specialize in taking people out to see something even more unusual and that is coral spawning during the day. This is very different from the night spawning, as we are able to see the whole reef bursting with new life instead of just particular colonies illuminated by our lights. Colony after colony begins to spawn and within minutes the whole reef appears to be smoking!

These are opportunities not to be missed. If you will be here in April, May, June or July, and are interested in seeing Coral Spawning, email us and we’ll let you know if your vacation overlaps one of these special days.

scuba diver in coral spawning

Unique Qualities

  • Unusual daytime event
  • Amazing transformation of reef
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Energy of other reef animals is heightened

maui coral during spawning

You May See

  • Coral colonies releasing eggs and sperm
  • Fish actively feeding on eggs
  • Eels free-swimming
  • Jacks more active
  • Noticeably increased energy on reef
  • On occasion: manta rays