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Dive Molokini

A fifteen minute boat ride away, the little volcanic islet of Molokini offers some of our most exciting and visually stunning diving. A volcano sitting on a three hundred foot bottom, it provides all kinds of diving for a range of diver abilities. It is here that we are more likely to see pelagic animals like manta rays or whale sharks and it is here that you will see some of the most beautiful corals Hawaii has to offer. We could go on and on about Molokini diving. When visiting scientists, photographers and film makers come here, Molokini is their number one choice for many reasons including crystal blue water and exceptionally healthy coral reef. Fish that have seen numerous scuba divers and snorkelers for years and have been protected in the marine preserve will let divers approach more closely than usual for photography. There are also several species of fish that we do not commonly see except at Molokini. And, like we’ve said, we’ve been lucky to see many big animals here over the years. This is truly Hawaii’s Premier Marine Preserve.

molokini diving

molokini dive

Unique Qualities

  • Scenic volcanic cone
  • Crystal visibility
  • Pristine coral reef
  • Varied habitats

You may see squid

You May See

  • Over 200 species of fish
  • Large jacks
  • Whitetip and gray reef sharks
  • Garden eels
  • Cleaning stations
  • On occasion: mantas, whales, whale sharks
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Molokini back wall dive

Molokini Back Wall

Some of the places to dive at Molokini are along the outer slopes and walls. The wall, sheer in places, drops vertically out of sight, even with the over one-hundred-foot visibility that is common here. Uncommon at other sites, pyramid butterflyfish hover in loose aggregations picking plankton out of the water column; black coral houses long-nose hawkfish and gobies; and orange cup coral blankets the shaded undersides of large overhangs. And just like on the inside of Molokini, anything can come in from the blue.

molokini maui hawaii back wall

Unique Qualities

  • Wall dive
  • Dramatic topography
  • Requires good buoyancy control

molokini back wall nudibranch

You May See

  • Frogfish
  • Jacks
  • Nudibranchs
  • Black coral
  • Whitetip reef sharks
  • On occasion: mantas, whales, whale sharks
scuba diving molokini back wall